Trumpet Ensemble playing

Many recreational trumpet players have had no chance to play in trumpet ensembles since College. Playing in these Trumpet Saturday groups will help in focusing on the essentials of ensemble playing.

Drawing on his over 60 years of playing experience ranging from World Champion to Community Bands, from Symphony to Salsa, and from Plainsong to Jazz, with over 25 years specifically addressing the needs of the recreational player, Ivan Hunter will provide anecdotes, rules of thumb, and pearls of wisdom to help players make musical sense of playing situations.

Trumpet Saturdays target issues specific to the recreational player and are intended to augment rather than replace any ongoing private instruction.The only requirements are instrument and enthusiasm.

I have attended several Trumpet Saturday events.  They provide an unusual opportunity, under the direction of experienced teacher and performer Ivan Hunter, to play a wide variety of music with just other trumpet players.  Not only have the days been just plain fun, but they have also proved helpful in thinking about section playing and in introducing me to new music.  I highly recommend attendance at one. W.S.


We have moved to Germany and have not yet arranged locations.

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Trumpet Saturday

- or any other day!

For recreational trumpet players of all levels